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Hay & Straw Trading

On this page you’ll find out more about our services and areas of expertise.

Since 2003

In addition to our machine trade, we also run a contracting company, which deals with the processing and trade of hay and straw. We buy hay and straw all year long – no matter if it is already pressed or still loose in swath on your farmland. We deliver our high quality hay and straw free of charge.

High-quality food and bedding are the basis for a healthy and appropriate animal husbandry. Service and quality are our top priority in order to provide you and your animals with the best possible supply of hay and straw.

To achieve the highest quality standards, our straw and hay are – of course – indoor-stored. Before storage, it is ensured that the bales are dry enough. 

We are the right place for you wheter you want to buy or sell hay and straw – we can advise you of the best solution and you can profit from our expertise. Through the year-round purchase and sale of square bales, we can deliver flexibly and on time. We have a large selection of own vehicles and trailers, so it is no problem to transport our goods from the warehouse directly to the customer. Also combined deliveries of hay and straw can be easily realized.

You have the choice between wheat straw, rye straw and barley straw.

Our long-standing customers include horse farms, dairy cattle and suckler cow husbandry as well as cattle dealers and industrial companies.


You like to sell straw and hay? Then we are your point of contact. We are happy to pick up your hay and straw – directly in the swath, pressed from the field or from your storage location.

With our fleet consisting of two trucks several tractors, large trailers and bale retrievers, the straw can be recovered quickly. Thanks to our optimal storage and transport logistics, your field is promptly free for the stubble cultivating. We also offer to baling your straw with our square baler and placing them in groups with our bale retrievers to ensure a fast removal from the field.

Square Bales

We baling your hay and straw and help you with the bale logistics.

Purchase and Sale

We buy and sell your hay or straw and store it.


We help you with all agricultural transports.


Straw and hay

Whether straw or hay harvest, we are at your side with our modern square baler and powerful tractors. In one step, we can put the big bales in groups with our bale retriever to ensure a quick recovery of the straw for the upcoming stubble cultivation. We can also help you by the removal of your big bales with our telehandlers and truck trailers.


With our two trucks and trailers we can handle all agricultural transports. We can also help you by the loading and unloading of the goods with our own wheel, yard and telescopic loaders. For questions about individual transport, please contact us.

Other services on request

We are happy to offer you further services on request, which we can handle with our own fleet. Do you need help with spreading your solid dung, do you have earthwork to do or do you need a telescopic handler for other purposes? Then we are happy to assist you in the usual quality.

We would be glad to send you an customised offer.

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